Read Phoenix coming back soon!

For years now has existing as a list of blogs in and about the Phoenix area. Erica Lucci ( devised, built, and maintained the project on her own and did both the readers and writers of those blogs a huge favor. We all learned of new websites by people living here in Phoenix sharing their experience of living and working in Phoenix. We could scroll down the huge list of blogs and click on one we hadn’t heard of or hadn’t read in a while.

As time passed priorities changed for Erica and she handed the reigns over to keep the site going. We want to take things in a different direction for Read Phoenix. While the old version of Read Phoenix was awesome and effective at the beginning it slowly became more of a list of business blogs in town covering Real Estate and Law. Moving forward lets focus more on the creative aspect of whats happening in Phoenix and highlight our cultural uniqueness.

Right now we are still in planning mode and welcome feedback and ideas. Please feel free to use the comments here to make suggestions. You can also fill out our contact form here for more formal communication.